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About us

A family owned and operated business that has been manufacturing fine quality jewelry for over 30 years now. During these three decades we have slowly mastered each aspect of both creating and selling fine jewelry.

Our company started out small; setting stones, casting, and soldering for various large fine jewelry stores. Through the years our company grew and began to specialize in fine quality jewelry. Today we specialize in Diamonds, with our team traveling worldwide in search of the most brilliant and beautiful Diamonds. These diamonds are then given to our talented Jewelers who design the stunning jewelry you see in our stores and site.

Our jewelers follow strict quality control standards ensuring years of beauty and enjoyment. Our ethical conducts and reasonable pricing are the cornerstones of our company. We make our customers feel they have a relative in the business who would always give them a fair deal and honest information; often the kind of information which would save them money in the long run and provides heirloom quality jewelry. It is this desire and goal of educating our customers which inspired us to create an educational and fun website.

We are pleased to offer the personalized attention of a Jeweler Gemologist usually reserved for only the wealthiest of customers. Our Customer Service Department is waiting to assist customers with their purchases.

By servicing Independent Retail Jewelers only we are able to provide a more personal touch to your jewelry buying experience. We are proud of our success and we believe that our commitment to providing a quality product at affordable prices made us one of the most respected manufacturers in the jewelry industry. We put every item through a Meticulous Inspection Process to insure that you receive the quality you deserve.

We have taken the uncertainty out of finding jewelry by offering the finest quality jewelry which not only meets, but exceeds our highest standards. We stand behind our products and will work to ensure that our customer satisfaction is 100%. Through the years we have had thousands of satisfied customers. Please give us the opportunity to make you another satisfied customer.

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