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Which Is Better Moissanite Or Lab-Created Diamonds?

Posted by Zain Nazaqat on

Diamonds and other gemstones are common in jewelry when clients require unique and personalized options. Two important options in this respect are the lab-grown diamond and moissanite. When clients are interested in durable, transparent, affordable gemstones, without compromising on the quality. Then using these options can prove essential choices. However, choosing a single option between these gemstones can take time and effort. That’s why, users are interested in knowing which is better moissanite or lab-created diamonds. This can help them decide on a better option. 

Uncovering Which Is Better Moissanite Or Lab-Created Diamonds? 

Below are the important differences you require to learn which is better moissanite or lab-created diamonds. 

History Of Both Gemstones:

The first difference is that moissanite originally came from the pieces of a meteorite crater in Arizona. However, in today’s age, moissanite is created by a simple procedure that produces the conditions of its outer world origin. Moissanite is composed of carborundum and has brilliant features and transparency even exceeding diamonds. The hardness of moissanite on the Mohs scale is 9.25. So it is one of the hardest gemstones other than diamonds. 

On the other hand, lab diamonds are created under a controlled environment in advanced laboratories. Leading to stimulating natural diamond production procedures. It’s important to know that the chemical and physical properties of these diamonds are the same as the natural diamonds. So normal people cannot differentiate between natural and lab diamonds. They can prove an effective solution as compared with natural diamonds because they don’t hurt the environment. Or any other ethical considerations. 

Longevity And Price Considerations:

The second difference is that both gemstones moissanite and lab diamonds are famous for their longevity features. But there is a simple difference in their hardness. Diamonds are harder as compared with mossanite. Because they score 10 on the Mohs scale and mossanite’s score is 9.25. This little difference ensures that mossanite can withstand daily wear and tear and can provide better resistance against scratches too. 

That’s why, both these gemstones prove effective solutions for engagement and wedding rings. People love to use lab diamonds and moissanite because they are available at reasonable prices compared with natural diamonds. However, what makes moissanite special is their lower costs than lab diamonds. As users can get quality jewelry at affordable prices. Many people facing budget issues but requiring a good solution for their gemstone hunt love to use moissanite gemstones. 

Radiance Quality And Sizing Options:

The third difference is that moissanite and lab diamonds are famous because of their exceptional radiance quality and optical properties. However, it is essential to know that moissanite is better than lab diamonds. Because of having extra radiance quality and better refraction index. The presence of high illumination in moissanite makes it a popular choice for those who prefer high-quality and transparent gemstones. If you want to wear gemstones in bigger sizes then moissanite can prove an effective choice. Because they can be made in bigger sizes as compared with lab diamonds. 

This can prove an incredible solution for those people who want to wear something unique with big center gemstones. Or other kinds of jewelry. Moissanite is also a good solution because there are various shapes and designs available in them. So users can wear them in different ways efficiently. When limitless options are available, users can decide easily and look unique from others. Get further information from Bliss Diamond

Wrapping Up:

To wrap up, which is better moissanite or lab-created diamonds? You should know that there are minor differences between both gemstones but it depends on your personal preferences. Because every person likes to wear different kinds of jewelry. And they want a different level of clarity, designs, shapes, etc. It also depends on your available budget limitations. Try using the 1 - 3 Ct T.W. Lab Grown Round Diamond Studs in 14k White, Yellow, or Rose Gold.

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